Oh 2020…how you continue to challenge us. This year proves to continue to be eventful.  Earlier this month, I woke up on a Sunday morning around 5:00 AM to the most incredible dry lightening show I had ever seen in my life. It immediately put me (and my dogs) on alert, and concerned something was going to spark near me, I packed my bags, just in case, and later that day I hitched my car to my trailer. I was ready to go.

I thought that fire that was erupting was just over the hill from me, but it turns out that was near Lake Berryessa, rather far away, and was spilling into Vacaville. It was one of four fires that continue to burn in Northern CA. 

It’s a dry time of year in California as it’s fire season. I’m on alert. I am also thinking and praying for those in the Gulf and are victims of Hurricane Laura. These are strange times.

During all of this, I distracted myself very well: I loaded the preview for the workshops for Craft Napa 2021: Uncorked at Home. 🙂

I think that even though this will be a virtual event next January (via Zoom and some pre-recorded content), it will still be a lot of fun. I am super excited about the line-up of workshops and teachers. There are 35 workshops with 19 teachers this time around.

Here’s another aspect that will be different from the past: instead of a swag tote upon arrival in Napa, you’ll get a Craft Napa swag box (if you sign up for 3+ workshops) in advance (shipped to U.S. residences only). And on Cyber Monday (November 30) we will be hosting our Artist Market, virtually with our teachers. Order more materials, art, or supplies from them, and I will pack them in your Craft Napa box, and ship to you in mid-December in plenty of time for your workshops in mid-January. 

Craft Napa 2021 registration will open September 15, 2020 at 9:00 AM Pacific.

We will also be hosting an art swap, but we want to hear from you and know what you’d like to swap with other Craft Napans!

Would you take this survey? It’s just one question and will take you less than a minute. 

Stay safe every one,