I know, I know: I haven’t posted for a while. It’s been a year of upheaval as I finally got around to renovating my house this year. I bought it in 2014 and it was in a really bad way. It looked (and felt) haunted.



It started out as a metal-siding dairy barn (we think…from what we can figure out), and then it was added to over a 30-year span. Lots of weird roof lines, rotting siding, rotted out windows (it’s been drafty the last eight years), and rodents (actually RATS) underneath the base board. Very unnerving.

When Patrick moved in, he was terrified and remarked, “What have I moved into?!”

The things was…this place had potential. We both knew it. Some architects and contractors said to scrap it and start all over. Not only was that super expensive…but timely too. Not to mention very UN-environmentally friendly. 

So we worked with a contractor and made a plan to turn this monstrosity into a modern-style farmhouse. We replaced the roof, the siding with Hardieplank (good to protect against fires), and for the most part, the windows are in. The deck off the master bedroom had completely rotted out–I never set foot out there–but now it’s a favorite spot for lounging and reading. This is such a more comfortable home. And I am no longer embarrassed to have people over.


We also tore out all of the grass and replaced with turf, drought-resistant plants, pavers, and pea gravel.  We are still working on the interior; the kitchen is done and I’ll share that renovation in a later post. 

In other news, Patrick and I started a podcast called “Too Old to Fake It.”

Our podcast is for those in mid-life seeking honest–often blunt–thoughts on everything from online dating; second marriage; examining (and re-examining) career opportunities/past jobs; family needs; retirement thoughts; and discussing current events, sports, and passions we want to pursue. At this point in our lives we are, frankly, too old to fake it, and want to live out our best lives all the while with a heavy dose of humor, honesty, and curiosity. P.S….this is an R-rated podcast (we tend to swear a lot, but not at each other).

We have posted five episodes so far and having fun! You can find it on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Iheartradio, and Amazon Audible.

If you have a listen, let us know what you think.

Lastly, Craft Napa 2023 registration opened a few weeks ago, and will take place Jan 12-15, 2023. It is entirely virtual this next January due to what is expected to be a strong flu season coupled with a new COVID variant. To preview all of the workshops, this is a good page to visit.

Do you have big Thanksgiving Day plans? My BFF from high school’s little sister is starring with Hugh Jackman in “The Music Man” on Broadway next week! We so wish we could join my friend’s family in NYC to see her, but we are tired after so much noise and upheaval here, and looking forward to a quiet day together in our home. I’m probably going to cook a couple of Cornish hens, make a charcuterie board, and call it a day. 

From our house to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving,