In less than two weeks the registration will be LIVE for Craft Napa: Uncorked at Home–35 workshops over the course of four days with 19 teachers in January 2021. As this will be the first virtual event we are hosting, I have been doing a lot of research into the best formats, and also taken a lot of online workshops myself to see what it’s like to be a student. For me, it’s been awesome. I love being at home and having all my stuff right there (and the voyeur in me likes peeking into other people’s studios). 😉 

I have also decided–once I get the registration up for Craft Napa 2021–I am going to teach an online workshop (or two) later this fall. It’ll be a surface design class that I have taught in the past in the barn that I’ll adapt to an online format. I feel as though if I am going to ask teachers to work at achieving the best lighting, Internet, audio equipment, etc., well then I should dip my toes in the water and do it too so I understand and can help them problem solve anything well before January.

So here’s my question: In prepping for a fun and meaningful virtual (live) event where you’ll learn something and also still feel a sense of community, I ask you…have you taken any online workshops? How has the format and experience been for you? What has worked, and what do you feel could use some improvement? Did you go away feeling happy and you got what you wanted from the class? No need to go into specifics re: teachers, just the general format and experience.

Thanks for taking time to answer, if you are able to.

Stay safe out there!