Ok, I don’t really mean a battle, per se, I just love alliteration. (If you haven’t noticed.)

Years ago, I fell head over heels in love with “Sugar and Spice” a quilt that Kathy Mack featured on her Pink Chalk Studio blog. See what I mean? It is so adorable…

Kathy Mack’s baby quilt for a friend, entitled “Sugar and Spice.”

Kathy used Tracy Brookshier’s Bento Box pattern, and I just was so enamored with this quilt on Kathy’s blog, I immediately bought the pattern…and spent so much money on pink and orange fat quarters, I am embarrassed to tell you how much. (About $200)

Here’s the full, frontal view of Kathy’s quilt:

I never did make the Bento Box quilt with all that pink and orange fabric, but I did finally have a reason to make a Bento Box quilt–my colleague Rhianna Griffin had a baby boy end of last year. So at the International Quilt Festival/Cincinnati this past spring, I bought some really cute boyish fabrics from the Anna Griffin fabric booth, combined them with some Marcia Derse fabrics, and this past weekend I finally finished Rhianna’s baby quilt:

If you are looking to make a baby quilt, this is really a terrific pattern. It’s easy, fun to make, and I wanted to give this specifically to Rhianna, New Media Coordinator, because the pattern reminds me of a QR code!

And yes, Kathy and I really aren’t battling. See? We are very friendly with each other…

Kathy and me on the set of Quilting Arts TV in 2010.

Hope everyone has a GREAT 4th of July! I hope to stitch and relax in my backyard. Hope you have some quilting plans!