Earlier this month, I did a crazy and spontaneous thing: I put down my needle and thread and took a last minute trip to my beloved hometown of San Francisco for the weekend.


Fisherman’s Wharf
Saturday, March 2


I stayed in my grandmother’s vacant apartment, which was bitter sweet. The last time I had been here was in 2010 when I hosted the SAQA board meeting, and since the apartment most likely will be going on the market soon since my grandmother has passed, I wanted to at least spend one more time in a place that has been a part of my life since I was a very small girl. The view aint half bad either…

San Francisco

I also got to have drinks on the wharf with my closest friend from high school who recently got engaged, and while pondering locales for her upcoming nuptials (Napa, Cindy, Napa!!!),  we got to talking about other close high school friends with whom we’ve lost touch, namely our friend Devin who three years ago launched her own restaurant in San Francisco (and has been getting a ton of press).

American Cupcake

Here’s a shot of Devin and me 24 years ago…

Branson basketball[1] copy

Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team
The Branson School

So on Saturday I decided to pay her a surprise visit at American Cupcake on Union Street. I was worried that when I saw her she wouldn’t recognize me (it’s been at least 15 years), but nope, we squealed and squeaked like a couple of meerkats upon sight, frightening all of her customers.

Pokey Bolton Devin Alper

It was the best visit; over freshly baked chocolate cupcakes and glasses of pinot, we caught up, gossiped, and talked about our love of creating, whether it be food or quilts.

I am so proud of Devin, and for those who love fried chicken, she has a very, very special dish…

I am so glad I took this last minute trip, because besides making pet postcards for our Festival Pet Project last fall, my quilt muse has been fairly absent over the past year. Yet just going on this brief excursion, I am energized to fire up my thermofax machine and stitch a quilt I have in mind that pays tribute to my hometown. So my upcoming weekend plans will be to hole up in my studio whilst listening to some Flogging Molly on St. Patrick’s Day.

To all my fellow Irish, Sláinte!