The other morning while running on the treadmill at my new gym, a gentleman who looked to be a trainer approached me and extended his hand out for a high five. Not knowing him, I thought maybe he confused me for a friend or a client. Since I was running at a pretty good clip (and exhausted), I clasped the handle bar with my left hand and high-fived him with my right. He broke out in a huge grin, gave me a thumbs up, and with a  limp in his gait, walked away. It was then I realized he is living with some disabilities, and besides replenishing headsets on cardio machines, his favorite task is to go around and offer encouragement to those sweating away on ellipticals, stationary bikes, and the like.

To all of the men out there–whether fathers or not–for your high-fives, protection, encouragement, and support, I hope you have a very Happy Father’s Day!


Pokey Bolton Dave Chatham

Father/Daughter Dance
St. Francis Yacht Club
San Francisco, 1978