For the lucky ones who are not current residents or homeowners in Houston, yet feeling absolutely helpless and sick with worry, here are three Houston-based charities (that I trust) that I have donated to in the past/ am donating to now. (We all know of the national, well-known charities, so I wanted to share some local ones.)

Quilters are such a giving bunch and I know a number of quilt fundraisers will be launching in the future to collectively give more cash, but right now–whatever we can immediately give out of our own checking accounts is what we need to do. So here goes with a very shortlist of local charities I like to give to and trust:

1). Houston Food Bank -They know how to spread the dollar to give as much food and water to distribute to people in need.

2). Friends for Life (the no-kill shelter for the Pet Postcard Project). FFL is working with the city of Houston’s- BARC program to rescue animals and keep them safe. There are also FFL reps on hand at the GRB to keep pets cared for.

3). Houston SPCA

If you are in Houston, and can safely drop off goods, KPRC has a comprehensive list of what to give and where to go.

I just left Houston prior to this storm. Even though I am not a homeowner anymore, I spend minimally one week out of every month in Houston, and I store all of my books there. I cannot get back to Houston soon enough; like everyone else, I am absolutely heartbroken and sick about what people are enduring. Until I can get back and volunteer somehow, I am sending what cash I can.



Update: Please also check out Leslie Jenison’s blog post about other charities to donate to.